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Sara Persico
(Napoli, 1993) is a sound artist, composer and performer based in Berlin. Her practice explores modes of storytelling across the expressive possibilities of the human voice and electronic sound.

Her compulsive sonic dimension is shaped by the unusual impulsive vocal practice mixed with pulsations and a variety of frequencies.

Sara plays with the concept of transforming the identity of things, changing the nature of noises in order to create an elaborate interior landscape and induce imagination.

Her versatile and performative approach has led her in many collaborative projects with artists such as Tomomi Adachi, Evelyn Saylor’s vocal ensemble for Caterina Barbieri’s light-years show, Andy Moor (The Ex), Tony Elieh, Ludwig Wandinger, Dirar Kalash, Recordat, Francesca Grilli among others.

Residencies and Scholarships

Musikfonds e.V. - Neustart Kultur 2022
Sonoscopia, Porto 2022
Sardegna Teatro - V2 Unstable, Argentiera 2021
Amplify Berlin, Acud Macht Neu, 2021
Alte Münze, Berlin 2020
Madeira, Funchal, 2020
Temp Studio, Lisbon, 2018

Selected Performances

Karel Music Expo, Cagliari (IT) 2022
Ortigia Sound System Festival/Bosco Colto (IT) 2022
Documenta Fifteen, Kassel (DE) 2022
Wiener Festwochen, Vienna (AT) 2022
Rewire, The-Hague (NL) 2022
Re-Textured, London (UK) 2022
Recordat, EU University, Berlin 2022
Codex Club, Panke, Berlin (DE) 2022
Dancity Festival, Foligno (IT) 2021
Radio Alhara Experimental, Berlin (DE) 2021
Amplify Caleidoscope, Berlin (DE) 2021
Sturm und Klang, Roma (IT) 2021
Hosek Contemporary, Berlin (DE) 2021
Life Libertas Festival, Koper (SL) 2021
Radical DB - Internationl Prize, Zaragoza (ES) 2021
O Salgado Faz Anos Fest, Porto (PT) 2020
Seasoning Festival, Eindhoven (NL), 2019
Santarcargelo Festival (IT) 2018



14.01 Persico x Elieh x Gorovitz at Trixster Berlin (DE)

19.01  Xavier Lopez | Sara Persico, Experimentik #50 Berlin

28.01 AS, Vorspiel Berlin

29.01 AS, Ruisburo at De Ruimte, Amsterdam (NL)

05.02 Solo, Sonoscopia, Porto (PT)

10.02 Persico x Kalash, Staalplat Berlin

15.02 Tomomi Adachi x Sara Persico, Loophole Berlin

05.03 solo CODEX CLUB. Panke, Berlin

11.03 AS, Tennisbar, Berlin 

24.03 Fantas Variations for Voices - Caterina Barbieri’s light-years, Re-Textured, London (EN)

31.03 Recordat perormance, Panke Club, Berlin  (DE)

08.04 Persico x Kalash, Sowieso, Berlin (DE)

10.04 Fantas Variations for Voices - Caterina Barbieri’s light-years, Re-Wire, The Hague (NL)

19.05 Solo, Auditorium Novecento, Napoli (IT)

20.05 Solo, Klang, Roma (IT)

28.05 Fantas Variations for Voices - Caterina Barbieri’s light-years, Wiener Festwochen, Vienna (AT)

02.06 Sara Persico x Tony Elieh at Sowieso, Berlin (DE)

03.06 Solo, Cashmere Radio, Berlin (DE)

18.06 Solo, TBA, Napoli (IT)

25.06 Solo, Zimmt, Leipzig (DE)

01.09 hybrid live set, KME Karel music Expo - Cagliari (IT)

02.09 hybrid live set, Ortigia Sound System x Bosco Colto, Santo Pietro (IT)

03.09 dj set, Codex Club, Arkaoda, Berlin (DE)

09.09 Duo w/Dirar Kalash, Documenta Fifteen MEYDAN #3, Kassel (DE)

10.09 Duo w/Tomomi Adachi, Sowieso, Berlin (DE)

06.10 Sara Persico + Tony Elieh, Berlin Modular Society (DE)

15.10 solo, Schallfront, Hanover (DE)


01-31.04 Amplify Berlin Residency, Acud Macht Neu

24.04 Radio mix for Reboot.fm 

16.06 Sara Persico/Agnese Menguzzato at Hosek Contemporary, Berlin

17.06 Solo, LIFE Libertas Festival, Koper (SL)

08.07 Solo, KLANG, Roma (IT)

04.08 Sara Persico, Melih Sarigöl at Apartment Project, Berlin

07.08 Dirar Kalash, Sara Persico at Multiversal #111 Berlin

08.09 Dirar Kalash + Sara Persico at Orville’s, Berlin

11.09 Sara Persico/Hildegarda at CURA Berlin for Amplify Caleidoscope

17.09 Sara Persico & Melih Sarigöl + DJ SKRATCH (VERSION), Orville’s Berlin

19.09 Dirar Kalash + Sara Persico at Petersburg Art Space, Berlin

22.09-10.10 Landworks - Sardegna Teatro Residency, Argentiera (IT)

10.10 Audiovisual Installation - Opening, Argentiera - Sardegna (IT)

07.11 Persico x Salvo x Tavil - Secret location, Berlin (DE)

17-20.11 Residency at Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin (DE)

04.12. Solo, Bruital Nights #XV at Loophole, Berlin (DE)

15.12 Future Bash Series, Zukunft Am Ostkreuz, Berlin (DE)
17.12 Solo, Radio Alhara Experimental, Panke, Berlin (DE)

18.12 Solo, Modern Bön, Backsteinboot, Berlin (DE)

28.12 Solo, Dancity Festival, Foligno (IT)


24.01 Vorspiel/CTM, Berlin (DE)

25.01  Maus Hábitos, Porto (PT)

26-31.01 Residency: MultiMadeira (PT)

30.01  Barreirinha Bar, Madeira (PT)

01.02  Damas, Lisbon (PT)

27.05 Solo Music for the Cosmos #6 at PAS Berlin

13.05-11.06 Residency at Alte Münze, Berlin

12.08 Xavier Lopez, Sara Persico at Hosek Contemporary, Berlin

15.08 Salvo x Persico x Caglar| A.I.D. Berlin

23.08 Video Exhibition at Alte Münze, Berlin

09.09 Sara Persico, Guihlerme Rodrigues at Hosek Contemporary, Berlin

11.10 Melih Sarigöl & Sara Persico at PAS, Berlin

23.10 Tavil x Goodwin x Persico at Unheimlich #4, Berlin

30.10 Radical DB at Etopia Studio, Zaragoza (ES)

© Sara Persico